Ongoing Projects

Budget Research and Advocacy for Democratic Accountability

SGF is implementing ‘Budget Research and Advocacy for Democratic Accountability’ project in collaboration with Center for Peace & Development Initiative (CPDI) and National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The project aims to work towards an open and transparent government. The key activities include study the budget making process, conducting district level consultation on budget and raise advocacy for transparent and citizens’ friendly budget at district level.

Community Session under Sindh Aids Control Program

SGF is working with Sindh Aids Control Program of Health Department Government of Sindh. Under this initiative, eight community sessions are conducted. The session’s covered the topic: prevention of HIV transmission, safe blood transmission, reduction of sexually transmitted disease and information about the treatment centers. The project target area is district Sanghar of Sindh province Pakistan.

Legal Assistance to Poor Communities

SGF is providing free legal aid to poor peasants. This initiative is being implemented in collaboration with PILER, Al-Mehran Foundation and Legal Aid Society in district Sanghar. The problem of poor peasants and labors i.e. cropping shares, account settling, daily wages and other issues are resolved. A number of 130 peasant families were benefited.

Area Cricket Council ACC

Area Cricket Council (ACC) is formed by SGF. It is youth-led sports initiative. ACC arranges annual sports events with aim to unite youth and engaging them in democratic & development process at local level and involve youth in addressing climate change. The regular events are held in district Sanghar of Sindh province. Around 40,000 youth of the district are annually engaged in sport events.